Lately I've felt so disconnected fro all the work I've done at Alfred for the past 2 years. Since taking neon and video I have had no time to focus on photo or print. I can't do sculpture here so I'm pissed about that. I just have so many interests I'll never take all the classes I want to take here.
I still haven't got excited about neon because I haven't made anything yet thought I'm going to start soon. Education minor has been a real downer...I hate my 405 class and don't feel connected enough to my observation work. Now I wish I hadn't done this minor because I could take art electives instead.
The bright side is that video is fun and I'm increasingly more interested in it. I just feel twisted inside about my progress now. I hate these restrictions.


myles Duncanson
03/02/2010 12:12

myles Duncanson
03/02/2010 12:14

hey bud, it posted that last comment before i could write anything... but anyways, just wanted to say the site looks great man, and your work looks awesome! you've got a great bunch of work going here and you should keep up the good work. Don let neon get you down, jus keep chuggin engh? Kickass site man....

03/31/2010 00:26

Hey, it happens!
I'd suggest trying to enjoy what you find interesting and focusing your energy on applying those interests to the other mediums you have at your disposal right now. You can always drop your education minor next semester, just try to hang in there until senior year (when you can do ANYYYYYYTHIIIINGGGG YOU WANNNNNNNNT!)

it's 3:30 in the morning...


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