In my current Photo Class which leans towards a photo journalist or documentary approach to storytelling I have to form a theme for a portfolio. A week and half has gone by in the class and by midterm I need images and ideas for pictures and format. So far I haven't focused on any subject matter primarily. Most of the shots I have taken have been of angled architecture shot, a cemetary, advertisements, and candid shots of people in Spain. Really I am just writing right to sort it out in my head.

What I do not want of course is to produce a cliche photo series of just buildings or the homeless (these were first impressions). However the income bracket here is a mystery to me in Barcelona. In the daytime it seems like no one works and that everyone drinks beer on break. There are poor and beggar citizens but seem docile and the city itself is not crime ridden except for petty theft. Exploring the living standards and realities of Barcelona is a possibility for one.

The Graveyard I visited also haunted me with coos of pidgeons, flies buzzing around dead flowers, and faded pictures of the deceased. Also grave site are different from the yards I see in America. Instead if grassy fields and tombstones fenced by iron gates...Spain has blocks of tombs in blocks with names and display cases. I only saw a little of the yard but will definitely return to see more and formulate on it.

The simpler idea is just to photograph people in Spain, particulalry pretty women since they seem to be abundant here. However I do not know what the program would and it is disimilar to the work I usually do in photo with manipulating scenary. Recently I viewed a film on Henri Cartier Bresson which has inspired me to take more instantaneous and reflexive shooting. Also I am no longer asking permission from people in most situations too.

Maybe I will become a braver photographer out of this experience but writing this down has helped me square it down to subjects as for format and digital or film is still yet to be seen. I have to get my color film developed still and see what it looks like for images sake.

There will be pictures on the wordpress site soon though.

10/14/2010 12:47:33 pm

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